The Brilliance of Baja

For me, the most defining moment during our field study was swimming with the Whale Sharks. I have never felt so connected to another species before and I felt so privileged that such a massive creature was allowing me to swim next to it. The image is still so clear in my head. This magnificently beautiful fish just gliding through the water and me, kicking as hard as I can to stay next to it, the two of us just swimming out to sea. It was absolutely indescribably amazing!


Though this was the most breathtaking moment that I experienced on this trip, it was just one of the many times that I felt completely connected to the world around me.

Sitting on a mountain in the middle of the beautiful Baja desert, just staring out at a world untouched by people was incredible. It never ceases to astound me how beautiful nature is.

Gliding through the bioluminescence in the Sea of Cortez gave me a first hand look at the magic nature has to offer. It was unreal.

Seeing sand dunes melt into the ocean allowed me to get a glimpse of two incredibly different environments colliding, both with an extraordinarily diverse amount of life within.


And gazing up at an unbelievable amount of stars while surrounded by desert mountains or being sung to sleep by the oceans waves was a humbling experience. It reminded me that we all share this tiny rock we call home, in this infinite universe, and we are all truly connected because of it.

It was a truly life changing experience!